Spot Check Services is a full-service customer service solution company. In addition to traditional mystery shopping, our range of online, phone, and in-store solutions includes:

  • Self-Directed Management Reporting (Operations Audits)
  • Website Evaluations
  • Employee Reviews
  • Online Surveys (Customer and Employee)
  • Phone Shops

While all programs are available on their own, using multiple evaluation methods with information stored in a single reference database allows you to get an all-around picture of your operation. Use Mystery Shops and/or Phone Shops to see your front-end customer service through the eyes of your customers; use Employee Reviews to see the skills, knowledge, and compliance of your team members through the eyes of your managers; use Employee Surveys/Peer Reviews to see the opinion of your management team through the eyes of your employees; and use Operations Audits to see the back-end business operations through the eyes of your senior-level management.

  • Monitor product quality.
  • Ensure proper display and promotion of products.
  • Compile factual information to use in employee training, rewards and recognition programs, and corrective action procedures.
  • Heighten employee and management awareness to increase compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Protect yourself and your business.